the creator

I’m Dee/Minxy (she/her). I’m a content creator, event organizer, Black culture devotee, and the founder of Sunny Dee Productions. Welcome to my den.

Hailing from the magical lands of Louisiana, I’ve made the DMV area my home for 15+ years – a country gal living in the city. I’m an unabashed nerd, a womanist, and a proud alum of HowardU.

I’m also:
A nerdy pansexual relationship anarchist. Kinky. Spiritual – ATR practitioner. Goofball. Polymath, avid reader, ethical non-monogamist, Trekkie. Passionate about tea, naps, food, sexual freedom, and conscious decision making. Into Afro-futurism, cosplay, My Little Pony, organizing, planning, and creating. And I love talking about intersectionality and representation.

Let’s hang out!

the calling

The mission of Sunny Dee is to facilitate connecting Black people with their heritage, to create safe spaces for Black folk to explore themselves and their interests, and to cultivate community – all things Dee feels are necessary in order to process our collective hurt, help each other heal, and move towards our full liberation.

Sunny Dee Productions has three branches:

  • Sunny Dee Entertainment – podcast + blog community
  • Sunny Dee Events – networking, social, and cultural event curation & management
  • lilwildminx – adult content and lifestyle events

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the content

my “why”

Picture. I love hearing people explain their “why.” This isn’t limited to relationship choices and why someone practices monogamy or ethical non-monogamy; it…

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