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mine, but so much more than mine

Some of the questions I get asked most often from monogamous or polycurious folk are "Do you get jealous?" or "Don't you feel possessive?"One of my partners says they don't think I feel jealousy the way most people do. They're probably right. I have things that I like, want, and need, and as long as… Continue reading mine, but so much more than mine

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failed relationships.

I hate this term. For me, it implies that relationships are tests. Which means check the correct box, say the correct short answers, pick the "right" option (it's always C). It may be multiple choice, but there's really only one "best" answer, right⸮ Being a bit of a relationship anarchist, I mentally gagged typed that.… Continue reading failed relationships.

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I recently was introduced to the concept of learned helplessness. Learned helplessness occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an averse stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation, even when opportunities to escape are… Continue reading helplessness.