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Foundations: Steps to Discovering What You Really Want in Non-Monogamy

In this episode, Dee talks about the thing she wish most people thought about in regards to non-monogamy foundational work: determining what you want out of nonmonogamy and relationships, in general and specifically. Things mentioned in the episode: Relationship Anarchy Smorgasboard (clearer picture here) Relationship Manifesto/Care & Feeding Manual TRANSCRIPT

Communication · Podcast · Polyamory · Relationships

“I Can Barely Keep One Happy!”: Exploring the Concept of Bandwidth

In this episode, Dee talks about the idea that the capacity someone has for giving versus receiving love is scalable, exploring what your bandwidth is, and Dunbar's number. Things mentioned in the episode: Adagio Teas Kentucky Bourbon Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing Dunbar's Number TRANSCRIPT