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𝓱𝓮𝔂 𝔂𝓪𝓵𝓵!

Welcome to Sunny Dee, a podcast where I talk about relationship styles (voiceover: I don’t hate monogamy at all, I just want us all to make conscious choices), relating and connecting to everyone in your life (voiceover: intimacy is about truth); intersectionality (voiceover: oh, I was very quickly reminded of my Blackness); and whatever else pops up in my brain.

I’m ya host DeRae, a pansexual polyamorous polymath – basically a chick who can’t make decisions and pick just one. Join me on Mondays to kick off your week with segments like The Tea On Tea – where I gush about, well, tea; Rae’s Rants & Raves – where I talk about shit I’ve read in the media the past week; as well as plenty of Star Trek, other nerdy references, and southern euphemisms sprinkled throughout. There’s summin for everyone.

So gone head and tune in on Mondays via my website, sunnydeepod.com, or wherever podcasts are found, and let me give ya some sunshine. See yall!

OH ALSO! You can find me on Patreon – search Sunny Dee – where you can support me monetarily and get some extra goodies; on Facebook – my page’s name is Sunny Dee WITH TWO E’s, and I have a private group called Sunny Dee Pod; on Instagram: @sunnydeepod; on tiktok: @sunnydeeminx. And I also have a twitter, but yall, it’s real ratchet: @lilwildminx. Have a good day; see ya soon!

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