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This is kind of random, but my feelings are all over the place these days (rightfully so). But I saw this little advert that was great and it made me think.

I go through cycles, struggling with this. My skin is so sensitive and hair is so coarse that no matter what I try (disposable razors, men’s razors, straight razors, electric razors, wax, depilatory creams, shaving powder, tweezers, exfoliating and steaming before, bump creams, tea tree oil, and more), it always ends up a hot mess of ingrown hairs and razor bumps that turn into little ugly black scars and hyperpigmentation. And it makes me uber self conscious. I hate it. It’s ugly. So I don’t shave (certain areas) often because I’d rather cover it up, my hair is boss, and I don’t have $$ for the specific type of laser hair removal I’d have to get.

But swimsuit season yall. And booty shorts. And public opinion of what is “decent” and not. Every summer I struggle with what to do. We gone show off my pubes or my bumps? Because no matter what I do, I think I will still be unsatisfied with how I look.

So even though I’m still struggling with this and probably will be for a good while, this lifted my spirits and kind of made me tear up a bit.

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