Pansexuality · Polyamory

coming out.

I’ve never “come out.”

At least, not making some grand gesture or statement of my romantic and sexual orientation(s). I guess it’s because I’m a private person, and if I want you to be a part of my private life, I’ll tell you the information I want to share with you directly. It may also be because it’s not something that I actively hide – I just don’t share it. Like I don’t share my favorite color because it’s none of your business, but I may mention it if it comes up in conversation or you ask.

Ultimately it may be because the most freeing thing for me is not for everyone to know details about me, but the fact that I am actually living out my life for myself, honestly and openly. If someone doesn’t like me or harshly judges me for who I am… oh well. I don’t need them in my life and they probably weren’t that important to my life and my journey anyway. They can waste their time and energy in negative feelings; I won’t.

I’m polyamorous.
I’m pansexual.
I’m kinky.
I’m Minxy.

I don’t have to come out – I’m already here, I’ve been here, and I’m not going anywhere.


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